01 Feb 2016

Souk Libya: a vocabulary test!

No, it’s not in Libya. And I didn’t misspell “sock.” In fact, many of the items don’t even come from Libya. So what is Souk Libya?

It’s a market!

As I’ve learned in my 40 hours of Tunisian Arabic, “Souk” or Soog as they pronounce it in Tounsi, is the word for market.

Twice a week in Houmt Souk they have an open market. Sellers travel from town to town and market their wares. There are vegetables, fruits, nuts, dishes, clothes, and used clothing too. Prices are good, so many people save their shopping for “Souk” days.

As I wandered through the market with my language nurturer, I saw many things I could already name in Tounsi: let’s see if you can guess the words! (answers at the bottom)

  • sfenaria*
  • tamatum
  • bsel
  • bsel ahdur
  • besbesa

In fact, of the fruits and vegetables, I could name all of the things I saw! That’s some impressive vocabulary gain after only having 9 lessons in Tounsi.

After wandering through the Souk, my language nurturer took me to one of her favorite sandwich shops for Tunisian Brik and a sandwich. Mm, delicious! (Behi barsha! or, very good!)

What would you buy if you went to the market?



*These are my best transliterations of the words. Here is the English translation:

  • carrot
  • tomato
  • onion
  • green onion
  • dill



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