15 Feb 2016
henna market gabes tunisia

Henna: have you ever seen it like this?

Remember in my previous post, how every day more henna is applied for a wedding? Well, it turns out that henna is actually an industry here in Tunisia. I discovered this on a recent trip to the city of Gabes, where there is a whole market devoted to selling henna and henna products.

What type of henna products? Well, you can get a pile of henna, like this:

bulk henna sale tunisia

They sell it in different qualities, ranging from 4 dinars a kilo to 16. Yes, the most expensive dried henna can be gotten for all of $8 a kilo. A kilo of henna is a lot!henna market gabes 2

You can get henna stencils, for the less talented appliers of henna. (that’s me)

You can get henna hair products, henna nail products, and whole henna leaves for the complete DIY experience.

But why all this henna?

They say that Tunisia  has been a supplier of henna for the region for centuries. Henna features significantly in the wedding festivities, with the groom required to send a basket of henna to his bride during the many days of the wedding. Before marriage, a woman can do small amounts of henna, but with her wedding she has henna applied multiple times. Every night a new design.

But why just read about the henna? Come to Tunisia and try it for yourself. There are numerous henna artists who can do specialized designs, no wedding required. 🙂


  • Halima
    September 30, 2016 Reply

    I have been to Tunisia a few times, but never learned how to mix and apply henna. Do you know of a good instructional for this?

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